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We run live webinars for anyone who looks after children and young people - parents, carers, educators - as well as young people themselves and anyone interested in psychology or mental health. 

All of our webinars are presented by our mental health trainers, speakers and guest speakers who come from a wide range of professions, including education, psychology, social work, youth work, public health, psychotherapy and nursing. Past topics have included: the teen brain, sleep, supporting a highly sensitive child, and perfectionism.

The webinars explore practical, evidence-based strategies for maintaining positive mental health, whether that's paying attention to our own wellbeing, or how to support those around us.


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Please note that not all NHS systems accept emails from us, due to NHS internal security settings. If you work for the NHS, to ensure that receive confirmation and joining instructions, you may need to register with a non-NHS email address and join using a non-NHS device.


Supporting young people: The teen brain... what's going on?

Lisa Thomson

We know that, other than during the first three years of life, the brain goes through the biggest change in its development during adolescence. This is a critical time in teens’ lives and we have a crucial role to play in helping to guide and develop them to grow into happy and successful adults. This webinar is perfect for parents, carers, educators and anyone looking after a young person.

The session covers the main changes in the brain during the teenage years relating to:

  • Hormones
  • Risky behaviour
  • The social brain
  • Sleep
  • The role of parents/carers and other adults

Wednesday 27 September, 6:00 - 7:30pm  Sign up



Supporting young people: Transitioning to university life

Mark Fudge 

This webinar is for parents or carers who want to help a young person adjust to life and learning at a university.

We will:

  • Talk you through adjustment and homesickness
  • Explore the transition to a different way of learning
  • Give you tips on helping navigate university support systems
  • Help you think about the complexity of the academic journey and how you can support this.

Tuesday 10 October, 6:00 - 7:30pm  Sign up



Barriers to speaking out

Gemma Howard and Alice Palmer 

This session is perfect for teachers, parents and carers of young people.

Young people often face barriers when it comes to seeking help for their mental health. Join us to understand these issues and the ways in which we can prevent and overcome these barriers. 

We will explore

  • The importance of seeking help for our mental health
  • The barriers that young people face when it comes to seeking help for their mental health
  • How we can prevent and/or overcome these barriers
  • Signposting to support and resources.

This session is based on the research conducted by the CoRAY project, and it uses ideas and resources they have created for young people and their families to help reduce or overcome barriers to seeking help. 

Thursday 05 October, 12:00pm - 1:30pm  Sign up

Thursday 19 October, 12:45pm - 2:15pm  Sign up

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