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We have a gifting agreement with the University of Reading for a Chair in Evidence-based Psychological Treatments and the clinical training and education being delivered by the Charlie Waller Institute (CWI).

The Charlie Waller Institute has a programme of training, education and research that contributes significantly to the Trust’s aim of ensuring that expert and evidence-based help is available when people need it. We also support and take part in other research studies that meet our charitable objectives and priorities.

Launched in January 2008, the Charlie Waller Institute:

  • Trains clinicians in evidence-based psychological treatments, in particular those recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the training to ensure it improves clinician knowledge, skills and patient outcome.

  • Undertakes research to add to the evidence base for effective psychological treatments.

Courses and accredited clinical workshops are delivered by world renowned expert clinicians who have been involved in developing and evaluating the treatments in research trials.

In 2019, we carried out a review of the impact the Charlie Waller Institute is having at the University of Reading. We are delighted to report: 

  • 776 newly qualified clinicians.
  • 69 short courses delivered to practising clinicians.
  • Provided training to 285 clinicians.
  • 250 young people treated in the Anxiety and Depression Clinic.
  • 103 academic papers published.
  • Five books published.
  • New school-based treatment for young people.

Training at the Charlie Waller Institute takes the form of postgraduate part-time year-long courses (diploma and certificate) and one or two day accredited clinical workshops and seminars. These are delivered by world renowned expert clinicians who have been involved in developing and evaluating the treatments in research trials.

Charlie Waller institute logo

Charlie Waller institute logo

The Caroline Gilbey Scholarship for therapists in high intensity psychological treatments

Caroline was a very great friend to the Trust as well as a personal friend of the Wallers. She worked tirelessly on the Trust’s London Fundraising Committee. She gathered many relations to join in the Oxford Bike Ride in 2016 and 2017 to raise funds and then persuaded her son Tom to run a wine quiz at the Villandry in St James Place. Many of her friends came to this and it was a great success despite it being on the evening of the bomb on London Bridge; Caroline never let problems such as these stop her in her tracks.

It is absolutely fitting that all her family and friends rallied round again and bicycled in her memory. They raised a large sum of money and this amazing figure is being used to fund two scholarships at the Charlie Waller Institute within the University of Reading, training therapists in high intensity psychological treatments.


The Caroline Gilbey Scholarship recipient for 2021 is Ms Hewa Khalilifar.

I feel that a career as a therapist will allow me to continue learning about human nature, to hear people’s stories, and ultimately be of service to others. I want to be the person that I needed back when I was in a difficult place. Sometimes it is as simple as telling someone that it is okay for them to feel intensity of emotion and confusion, and convincing them that you believe they have the ability to endure and overcome.
Caroline Gilbey

Caroline Gilbey

Caroline Gilbey

Hewa Khalilifar

Hewa Khalilifar

Hewa Khalilifar

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