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Series 2 - Stigma to Strength


What's the latest stigmatised topic amongst young people? How do we turn this stigma into strength when it comes to our mental health? Charlie Waller Student Ambassadors Kyanne Graham and Eliza Antelme explore various topics with special guests and other young people. They'll be having honest conversations about the highs and lows of growing up whilst pointing you in the direction of helpful resources.



Episode 1: Stigma to Strength - Freshers' Fear

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In this episode Eliza and Kyanne discuss the ups and downs of Freshers' Week. They have honest conversations about the drinking culture at uni, the impact of the cost of living crisis on students and looking after your well-being during freshers weeks. This podcast is based on their personal experience and not professional research: if you are struggling please seek professional help. 


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Series 1 - We're talking to...


Welcome to the Charlie Waller Podcast, a space where we talk openly about all things mental health. Series 1 – ‘We’re talking to…’ – is all about getting to know the Charlie Waller Trust and its founders, friends, and family. We’ll have intimate chats with people who knew Charlie Waller himself or have been involved in supporting our work for children and young people’s mental health.

Think the likes of Mark Durden-Smith, our Trustee, Sam Harrison of Sam’s Riverside, and athlete Jake Wightman. These people, we feel, have incredible stories to tell about their lives, experiences of struggling with their own mental health, and their achievements as they’ve navigated the battle with anxiety, depression, and more.

Inspiring, honest, and brave – we hope you gain just as much from listening to these people as we did from talking to them.


Episode 3: We're talking to... Kate and Ella Robertson

Kate and Ella Robertson - Co-founder and MD of One Young World 

In this episode of 'We are Talking to' we hear from Kate Robertson, co-founder of One Young World and Ella Robertson McKay, Managing Director of One Young World. A dynamic family duo, we talk with them about their work with One Young World, a charity which serves as a global community for young leaders and their tips for mental wellbeing. They speak about forging your own path in life and always keeping mental health as a priority. 

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Episode 2: We're talking to... Jake Wightman




Jake Wightman - British Runner

In this episode of “We’re Talking To...” we hear from Jake Wightman, a British athlete. Join Julie Turner and Debbie Spens as they sit down with Jake Wightman, and delve into the inspiring world of professional running.

With a remarkable track record and numerous accolades, Jake Wightman is not only a talented athlete but also a passionate voice in raising awareness about mental health challenges faced by runners. Drawing from his own experiences, Jake shares his personal journey of triumphs and struggles, shedding light on what he does to relax and stay calm day to day. 

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Episode 1: We're talking to... Sam Harrison




Sam Harrison - Restauranteur

In this episode of "We're Talking To ..." we delve into the complex world of mental health within the restaurant industry, shedding light on the experiences and challenges faced by those who work tirelessly to create memorable dining experiences.

Our hosts, Julie Turner and Debbie Spends sit down with Sam Harrison, a renowned restaurateur and advocate for mental health in the culinary world.

With a career spanning several successful years, since the age of 16, Sam has been involved in the restaurant and hotel industry. His career has taken him all over the world, from Australia to Canada, before bringing him back to London to open his own first businesses. In 2019, Sam launched 'Sam's Riverside' restaurant, a 150-seat restaurant with incredible views and an impressive menu.


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