Diversity and inclusion at the Charlie Waller Trust

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Diversity and inclusion

It is important to recognise how organisations can hold and, sometimes unconsciously, act on biases. At the Charlie Waller Trust we are aspiring to be a genuinely inclusive charity. We aim to do this through:

  • working to increase the diversity of our staff team, freelance trainers and board members
  • having a culture that supports staff and volunteers to be fully themselves
  • addressing the structural barriers that allow discrimination - for instance those related to characteristics such as race, class, age, sexual orientation and gender

We are working with specialist consultant Laurelle Brown to broaden and implement our diversity and inclusion strategy.

As a mental health charity, we recognise the evidence of increased mental health difficulties in communities society has marginalised as a result of social inequalities. The Trust has an obligation to deliver an inclusive service and to recognise how changing its own processes can help achieve this. Activities that engage all levels of the organisation are the key to creating truly inclusive services.

Laurelle's input will support the Charlie Waller Trust to engage with beneficiaries from all ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds. Through this, the Trust’s people and charitable activities can continue to address the negative impact of discrimination on mental health.

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