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One of our core values is to be collaborative. We work with a diverse range of organisations who broadly share our vision, especially in relation to young people’s mental health.

We work closely with universities, including Oxford and Reading; professional institutions such as the Association of Colleges and the National Suicide Prevention Alliance; and many other charities including the Centre for Mental Health, the Anna Freud Centre and the Charlie Watkins Foundation.

These relationships are extremely productive. They can make a positive difference to young people’s mental health far beyond what we could each achieve in isolation.


A partnership project creating lesson plans and resources for teachers and parents

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In our own words

A video project with the Charlie Watkins Foundation and Boys in Mind supporting young people’s mental health.

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New Maudsley Approach

Our new carer skills workshops offering evidence based techniques to help parents and carers

"Katie was an excellent trainer, she was incredibly clever, patient, and understanding. She clearly is passionate about the topic."

from a line management service

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"Jenny was personable, engaging, interesting and knowledgeable...she engaged the students well: her delivery was confident and her content relevant and useful."

from a school tutor

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"Andy was enthusiastic and passionate. Staff and pupils found the workshops engaging and informative."

from a head teacher

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"Dick was excellent. He shaped his presentation to suit his audience and responded to feedback from us to adapt his video so that it was perfect for his audience."

from a teacher

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"Inspirational trainer who gave a powerful presentation and real, lived experience which helped me understand. Thank you Annabelle, you are making a difference to mental health."

from a Year 4 teacher

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