The Charlie Waller Trust and dunnhumby - a dream corporate partnership

February 05 2024

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The Charlie Waller Trust is thrilled to have multi-national data services company dunnhumby as a corporate partner.

Corporate partnerships play an important part in our work and we’re fortunate to have some great partners, like dunnhumby. The partnership was set up originally for a year but has been so successful that dunnhumby will continue working with us throughout 2024.

dunnhumby is a multi-national data services company working in the retail sector. They are owned by Tesco, who remain one of their biggest clients, after dunnhumby launched their Tesco customer Clubcard in 1995.

Three people in a marquee at Bath Half-Marathon, the middle one in a Charlie Waller running T-shirt, all holding Charlie Waller flags
About 10 people sitting in a room talking and looking at a screen which is branded 'helping hands'

Helping Hands launch event

They have more than 2,500 employees worldwide, and over 800 in the UK.

Giving back is part of the ethos of dunnhumby and their Helping Hands charity committee encourages staff to get involved in fundraising and volunteering. 

Choosing the right partner

When it comes to choosing a charity partner, all employees are encouraged to make nominations and then vote for their preferred option.

The Trust was nominated by Kitty Bevan, a member of the Helping Hands group.

She explains: “I learned about the CWT through my close friend Connor Kelly, who the Trust supported through a difficult period of his life. Through him, my eyes were opened to the incredibly important work they do, and I was inspired to find a way to contribute.

"I nominated the CWT to be dunnhumby's charity of the year in an endeavour to raise awareness of the Trust for those seeking support themselves, but also to emphasise the importance of educating peers and family members so we can foster stronger support systems.”

That is backed up by Amy Clifford, who is also a member of Helping Hands and who lost her younger brother, Christopher, to suicide in 2019, shortly after university. She says: “The work of the Trust really resonated with me because they’re helping young people but also the people around them, like university staff, so that they can better support people feeling the same way as my brother. 

The work of the Trust really resonated with me because they're helping young people but also the people around them, like university staff, so they can better support people feeling the same way as my brother.

"Importantly, the Trust’s work begins when they are younger, helping children and young people to build resilience so that they don’t get to crisis point.”

Fundraising highlights

Since May 2023, dunnhumby has raised an impressive £23,415 for the Trust and they’re keen to keep the momentum going.

Four people at Bath Half Marathon, two in Charlie Waller T-shirts

In 2023, they fielded teams in the Trust’s Texas Scramble golf day, had four runners taking part in the Bath Half Marathon and two walkers complete the 45km Walk for Wellbeing.

They have also organised their own events, such as a tennis tournament to coincide with Wimbledon, and employees have taken on their own challenges, including the Derry family, who cycled 510km across France.

For Amy, the highlight so far has been dunnhumby’s annual Christmas auction. This includes a raffle, silent auction and traditional auction, with prizes donated from partner brands and the executive board, which together raised £11,502.

Amy says: “It’s probably the most stressful to plan but it’s really enjoyable and rewarding.

"It was wonderful to have Helen and Natasha [from the Trust] there and for everyone to hear from Helen about how the money is helping.”

Seven dunnhumby staff and Helen Franks from CWT in church wearing red and white Christmas hats

Helen (centre) and dunnhumby volunteers

A cause worth raising money for

Helen Franks is the Trust’s Corporate Partnership Manager and meets regularly with members of the Helping Hands team, which has really helped cement the relationship with dunnhumby.

“It’s a true partnership,” says Amy, “which is why we’ve extended it for another year. Meeting with Helen every month has helped exponentially. It means we know what events the Trust is organising and can encourage our staff to get involved.”

It’s a charity that focuses on young people and those who care for them – exactly the sort of people our workforce is made up of.

From a staff point of view, Amy thinks the Charlie Waller Trust appeals because it’s a mental health charity that everyone can relate to.

She says: “It’s a charity that focuses on young people and those who care for them – and that’s exactly the sort of people our workforce is made up of.

“I’m really proud that even when money is tight, we’re still able to raise a lot of money – and that’s because it’s so clear what the money is put towards and how much it helps people.”

This year, as well as fundraising, they’re planning to focus on promoting the Trust’s services. “We can help raise awareness,” she says, “for example by getting parents who work for us to talk to the schools their children go to.

Community spirit

“We’re really proud of our community spirit and have our own mental health working group, dh Thrive.

This year we are focusing on working closely with them to make the most of the resources and initiatives the Trust have, such as holding Chat for Charlie sessions to help our own employees and to encourage them to talk about their mental health.”

Selection of Charlie Waller resources displayed on table

A model partner

For Helen, dunnhumby is the model corporate partner. She says: “The charity committee dedicate so much time and energy to organising the events, all alongside their day job. They make this work so well because they are fully engaged with our work and genuinely want to embed a culture of good mental health within their workplace.”

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