Mental health awareness and creating a wellbeing action plan

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Creating a wellbeing action plan

Wellbeing action plans are an evidence-based approach to promoting good mental health

We all have mental health in the same way we all have physical health. Wellbeing action plans are an evidence-based approach to promoting wellbeing and this webinar will help you to support your own mental health (both inside and outside of work), and if you are a manager, help you to support the mental health of your team members.

This webinar will give an overview of the different elements of a wellbeing action plan and some clear pointers for developing an effective plan, by reflecting on and understanding the triggers which may cause you stress or affect your mental wellbeing. Here you can learn practical ways to help address these triggers and help you clarify your thoughts and actions, whether it’s your own wellbeing that you’re looking to promote or if you’re supporting a colleague. This process can also help managers to open up a dialogue and conversation around mental health and wellbeing at work, to ultimately better support wellbeing and mental health.

You will learn:

  • What we mean by mental health and the importance of looking after our mental health
  • Creating a wellbeing action plan
  • Looking at how stress can affect our health and techniques to build and enhance wellbeing
  • Things that support your wellbeing
  • Things to avoid when you're feeling low
  • Triggers, challenges and early warning signs
  • Steps to help manage stress or poor mental health at work
  • Getting extra help and support
0-5 Minutes


Delivering webinar on behalf of the CWT, introduction of the charity and speaker Gemma Fieldsend.

An opportunity to stop, pause and think about how you are and things that you can do, including creating a wellbeing action plan. Our training is positive, proven and practical.

When we talk about mental health it can evoke strong emotions, so be mindful of your own wellbeing whilst listening to the webinar.

6 minutes

Mental health and wellbeing at work,

This will include an overview of the Charlie Waller framework, what this means and what it looks like.

7 minutes

What we will cover

  • What we mean by mental health and the importance of looking after our mental health.
  • The benefits of creating a Wellbeing Action Plan and looking at stress.
  • Further resources and support.
8 minutes 36 seconds

What is mental health

We all have mental health in the same way we all have physical health. Mental health is on a continuum.

We can move along this continuum. At different times in our life, 25% of us will experience a mental health difficulty.

12 minutes 12 seconds

The mental health continuum

We will learn the guiding principles, but there are no absolutes when it comes to mental health. An important thing to highlight is that someone can have a diagnosed mental health condition and have good mental health. Mental health is unique to the individual.

15 minutes 40 seconds

Please look at the NHS website for more details

Common mental health difficulties including anxiety and depression.

Stress is not a mental health condition but can affect our mental health.

16 minutes 30 seconds
  • Thinking about stress for self and team.
  • What stress is and how it is linked to mental health.
  • Chronic or persistent stress can lead to mental ill health.
  • Stress can make existing problems worse.
  • Having a mental health problem can be stressful.
18 minutes 40 seconds

The stress curve

What this is and what it means. We all need a certain amount of stress to reach our optimum performance but when the level of pressure increases it can lead itself to strain and burnout

21 minutes

The stress container

We all have a stress container based on our vulnerabilities and protective factors. Our stress container is unique to us.

Gemma guides you through the stress container exercise and then you can think about what is in your stress container and what strategies you use to manage your stress container.

26 minutes 15 seconds

Creating a wellbeing action plan

Why to develop a wellbeing action plan; how it helps you to think about and record your feelings and thoughts.

  • What helps you stay well?
  • What contributes to becoming unwell?
  • What are the early warning signs to look out for?
  • What actions do I need to take if I am struggling?
  • Helpful tips and strategies.
30 minutes 15 seconds

CWT wellbeing action plan/s link

35 minutes

Tips and strategies

  • Plan regular breaks.
  • Don’t feel guilty about taking time off if you need to.
  • Pause your email inbox.
36 minutes 7 seconds

3 positives of the day and the importance of breathing

37 minutes 25 seconds

If things start to go wrong...

Resources and links shared internally and externally

40 minutes 47 seconds

Contact the workplace team.



Asking for help (adult)

When it’s time to talk about your mental health.

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Depression booklet

Featuring useful facts, figures and information, this booklet also contains sources of help and what not to say to people experiencing depression

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Five Ways to Wellbeing posters

Seven page poster pack - one for each of the Five Ways to Wellbeing: connect, give, learn, be active, take notice. Plus two all-in-one posters.

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Low mood poster

Poster created in partnership with Bank Workers Charity highlighting common causes of low mood, how to help yourself feel better and information on where to get more help.

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Patent and trade mark professionals

Protecting your mental health and wellbeing: A guide for patent and trade mark professionals

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Aiming high can sometimes come at a cost. This eight page guide looks at ‘unhealthy perfectionism’ – how to spot it and advice on how to develop effective interventions.

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Taking care of your mental health for occupational health practitioners

This resource for occupational health practitioners suggests ways for you to take time out of your day to focus on yourself in order to stay healthy and stress-free.

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Warning signs poster

A bold A3 poster showing the warning signs that tell you when someone may be depressed. This poster could save a life.

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Five ways to wellbeing bookmark

Our bookmark features the five ways to wellbeing and some helpful techniques for when you’re feeling a bit worried. Use it as a colourful way to mark your place and calm your mind.

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Five ways to wellbeing bookmark for children

Our bookmark for children features the five ways to wellbeing and helpful techniques for when you’re feeling worried. It’s a colourful way to mark your place and calm your mind!

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