New wellbeing guide for patent and trade mark professionals

July 08 2020

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The patent and trademark profession can be highly rewarding and exciting but it also brings huge pressures.

The Charlie Waller Trust teamed up with charity Jonathan’s Voice to create a wellbeing and mental health guide specifically for people working in this industry.

Jonathan’s Voice was set up in memory of Jonathan McCartney, a patent attorney who loved his job but took his own life at the age of 35. The patent and trademark profession appears to come with its own particular pressures and stress and the purpose of this new guide is to help people within the profession look after themselves and look out for one another too.

Jonathan's Voice Logo

Jonathan's Voice Logo

The guide covers how to recognise the early signs of stress and related conditions and identifies the main causes of workplace stress. It goes on to advise on how to keep well and maintain positive mental health and what to do if you’re struggling. There is also advice on what to do if you see that someone else is having difficulties. The final section signposts to other useful resources and further information.

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In the foreword to the guide, Lead Executive Officer at IP Inclusive Andrea Brewster says:

I hope that this booklet becomes a standard text for everyone in the patent and trademark professions, not only to help them look after themselves but also to guide them as they look out for one another. IP Inclusive is proud to endorse it.
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