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Teacher and pupil reading working

Teacher and pupil reading working

Each member of our free Book Club has the opportunity to receive a book during the academic year.

Chosen titles aim to enhance the skills, confidence and knowledge of those who work with children and young people, by providing them with resources they can use to promote positive mental health.

Since the Charlie Waller Book Club started in 2016 we have sent out more than 10,000 mental health books free of charge to those working with young people. As a charity we have to raise funds for the cost of each one of these books and the total spent on books to date is over £75,600.

The Book Club has become incredibly popular and to ensure we can continue to fund the club, we will be reviewing it and might change how it works in the future. 



Registration for 2023/2024 academic year

Registration for Book Club 23/24 closes on Tuesday 14th November 2023.


This term's book

The terms book will be announced to our Book Club members via email.



Who is the Book Club for?

The Book Club is for staff working with children and young people or parents who are keen to discover new resources or build on their knowledge and skills about emotional wellbeing and mental health. The free books are only available for those working in not-for-profit organisations or for parents and carers for personal use.

What can I expect?

During the academic year you will have the chance to receive a book with the aim of boosting your understanding, skills, confidence or ideas when working to promote or support the mental health of children and young people.

How frequently can I receive a book?

The Book Club aims to run once a term, and titles focus on the mental wellbeing of either primary or secondary aged children.

By joining the mailing list you will be notified each time a book is being offered, and members must opt in to receive the book. Copies are allocated on a first come, first served basis, and only to eligible members.

What do you expect from me?

Before we dispatch each book club title, we’ll ask you to opt in to receive the new title. This will ensure we spend the charity’s funds most usefully and are not sending titles that are of less interest or to people no longer in post.

For each book you opt in for, we’ll ask you to tell us how you think you might use it and later to complete a short online survey to help us assess the impact that the book has had on your skills, understanding and confidence. Please take the few minutes needed to share this feedback as it will be fundamental to securing ongoing funding for the Book Club and also in helping us to share the most impactful books and resources.

Can I get free copies of the previous book club titles?

Unfortunately once the opt-in has closed there won't be further opportunities to request a free copy of that title.

Sometimes we are able to sell Book Club titles at a subsidised rate after the allocation of free books have been sent. If applicable, details will be sent to people on the Book Club mailing list, and the book will available in the Charlie Waller Trust shop.

What kind of books do you send out?

We select books that help school staff support the mental wellbeing of the children and young people they work with.

Previous titles include:

A Simple Guide to Child Trauma, Betsy De Thierry

All Birds Have Anxiety, Kathy Hoopman

Can I Tell You About Asberger Syndrome?, Jude Welton

Essential Listening Skills For Busy School Staff, Nick Luxmoore

Mud Boy, Sarah Siggs

My Anxiety Handbook, Bridie Gallagher and Phoebe McEwen Sue Knowles

Not Today, Celeste!, Liza Stevens

Starving the Anxiety Gremlin, Kate Collins-Donnelly

Starving the Anxiety Gremlin 5-11, Kate Collins-Donnelly

Teen Substance Use, Mental Health and Body Image, Ian Macdonald

The Amazing A-Z of Resilience, David Gumbrell

The CBT Art Activity Book, Jennifer Guest

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Workout for Teens, Paula Nagel

The Princess and the Fog, Lloyd Jones

Something Bad Happened: A Kid's Guide to Coping with Events in the News, Dawn Huebner

I do not live in the UK - can I still be part of the Book Club?

We are happy to send books overseas, but we would ask for a donation towards the postage costs for any international deliveries. Please contact us for more information.

How do I become a Book Club member?

You can register to become a book club member by completing this short form.

A follow up survey will be sent to the email provided when registering. 

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