Wellbeing Action Plan for children

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Front cover of the wellbeing action plan with text that says wellbeing action plan and a little book to help you feel good about yourself.

One of our most popular resources has been updated! Our Wellbeing Action Plan for children helps children identify their own challenges and what helps them. The booklet is designed to be personalise and to enable children to build their own wellbeing toolkit. It’s suited to children in Key Stages 2, but may also benefit those in Key Stage 3. 

We suggest it is used to guide conversations with a child to help them identify their strengths and manage their wellbeing when they feel things are tough. This ensures safe and supportive conversations, while also safeguarding in relation to any unhelpful thoughts which might otherwise not be picked up by an adult. It can also aid communication with parents and carers, and consistency of support between home and school – and other organisations such as youth groups or CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services).

If you're looking for something for older pupils or college students please see our Wellbeing Action Plan for young people

And do take a look at our new Wellbeing Action Plan for adults – it’s so important to look after your own wellbeing as well as that of the young people in your life.

Page 2 to 3 of the WAP
Page 4 to 5 of WAP. There is content about wellbeing toolboxes and the five ways to wellbeing
Page 6 to 7 of the WAP. There is content on filling up your wellbeing toolbox.
Page 8 to 9 of the WAP. It has a plan for everyday and a daily plan for children to fill out
Page 10 to 11 of the WAP. There is a plage called 'help when things are hard' and some ideas that might help when things get hard.
Page 12 to 13 of the WAP. It says spot the signs and has some things to look out for.
Page 14 to 15 of the WAP. It says 'What next'
Page 16 to 17 of WAP. It says things people do when things are hard and things I can do when I'm having a hard day.
Page 18 to 19 of WAP. It has a space for notes and then has acknowledgments and sources of support


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